Vanilla farmers in Kasese stranded with the crop harvests


Vanilla farmers in Kitabu sub-county, Bukonzo County East in Kasese district have revealed that they are stranded with the harvests after failing to get market.

 The farmers argue that the prices of their once lucrative crop has severally lowered from shillings 10,000 to shillings 2,000 per kilogram.

Mrs. Regina Thabugha, a farmer from Kasebere – Kihungu village says despite harvesting ripe vanilla beans, they have failed to get buyers who would give them good prices to suit their expectations.

Mrs. Thabugha, who regrets having grown vanilla, explains that the money she used to pay the services of the night watchmen won’t be realized.

Mr. Joachim Bwambale, another farmer stresses that they are skeptical of meeting their children’s demands as schools reopen on Monday next week.

To his further disappointment, Bwambale says that last year, they sold their vanilla beans to some companies on credit and later realized that they had disappeared with their money.

Mr. Robert Kyana, the Kitabu Sub-county Chairperson notes that farmers have lost hope in growing vanilla and yet they do not have another alternative source of income to sustain their families.

But the Kasese Deputy RDC in-charge of Bukonzo County has severally advised the farmers to cut down their vanilla plantations for the purposes of planting food crops for food security and source of income.

Lt. Maate Magwara says the prices of vanilla are likely not to normalize as they used to be in the previous years.



  • Kave Brenda Busewa February 3, 2024

    We request the government to work on the price of vanilla coz we can’t survive nowadays minus education, and even nowadays everywhere u step needs money, even wher u urinate u have to pay no free things in Uganda,. An example of my grand father aged 72yrs grow also on vanilla but everything ended in tears after not being paid . After realizing that the price is very we school children we have stopped schooling coz we were benefiting from it very well ,all crops were cut becoz of vanilla ,😭😭😭we can’t hold that 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆 atleast we request you to give us a favourable price so that we can also be educated and look like you 🙏🙏🙏.

  • Jimmy Bagonza March 15, 2024

    This is largely attributed to too much supply on market, compared to its demand globally.
    This trend has demoralised many farmers and most have resorted to cutting their plantations. In a few years to come (2-3yrs)Those resilient will reap many times the current price.
    My simple advise, is that instead of cutting the crop leave it to grow wild.
    At 15k per kilogram of vanilla, a farmer would earn much more that what a farmer would get from the same size of land for cotton, maize, coffee & cocoa

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