Uganda Police Force develop new techniques of fighting Gaza Boys and Girls in Kasese


The police in the Rwenzori East Policing Region have revealed that they have developed new professional mechanisms of neutralizing the Gaza Strip Boys and Girls who have continuously terrorized most communities in Kasese town.

SP Luka Mbusa, the Regional Community Liaisons Officer who also doubles as the acting Regional Spokesperson told Messiah Radio that as the Uganda Police Force, they were not happy with such a group of gangs because they attack the residents, steal their property and cause harm using tools.

He was disappointed that the members of the group that they have been arrested do not reform but instead continue with their malicious activities. He cited a recent incident where members of the Gaza gang injured one person in Nyamwamba Division.

He used the same platform to warn the people who vandalize government projects including stealing culverts and the roads to stop forthwith.


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