Taxi Drivers in Kasese Call on Government for Break-Down Services in Every District to Curb Road Accidents


Taxi Drivers in Kasese district, who ply the Kasese-Fort Portal highway, have called on government to have Break-down Services in every district to curb road accidents.

While speaking to our Reporter in Kasese town, concerned taxi drivers attributed increasing cases of traffic accidents to cars that break down on the roads and stay there for so long, hampering movements and causing accidents.

Amos Bosco Baluku, a taxi drivers’ supervisor along the route said, that whereas some accidents are caused due to human error, some are caused by the poor state of roads and failure by traffic Police to immediately tow away cars that break down on the roads especially in sharp corners.

Mr. Baluku said with free government break down servicesper district, the rate of traffic accidents will be drastically reduced.

Mr Musa Habib, a Stage Defence officer along the Kasese-Fort Portal highway also calls on traffic police officers to be quick to tow away cars that break down on the roads. 

Their comments follow the increased number of deaths claimed by accidents in which cars hit a stationery trucks. Meanwhile, Kinyanya Bwambale, a leader of the Boda-boda riders at Delta Stage has also highlighted the need to only allow motorcyclists with a clean riding permit on the road. 

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