Talks restore hope among residents of Bulembia divsion over the issues surrounding Kilembe Mines Hospital


There was a ray of hope among the residents of Bulembia Division today morning as health workers on government pray roll reported for duty today morning at Kilembe Mines Hospital.

The residents who had earlier this week become fearful that government would transfer all its health workers to other facilities following the Kasese Municipal Town Clerk’s notice of withdrawal to the Mayor said they were happy with government for reversing its decision.

The decision to halt the withdrawal of health workers was allegedly reached during a stakeholders’ meeting that was convened after the affected residents from greater Kilembe Sub-county and the Kasese Municipality Member of Parliament had planned to hold a peaceful demonstration expressing their dissatisfaction over the move to withdraw health workers on government pay roll from the facility.

Mr. John Balikwisa, the Local Council I Chairperson for Namhuga North East where Kilembe Mines Hospital is located appreciated the efforts of the stakeholders for partly saving Kilembe Mines Hospital.

He, however, said that they were still determined to staging a demonstration should the planned talks between their leaders and the Ministry of Health Officials fail to yield positive results.


A section of concerned residents told our reporter that if government insisted on its resolution to withdraw its health workers from Kilembe Mines Hospital, many people would be at risk of losing their lives due to lack of health services in the area.

Ms Pioza Biira and Stella Kighema, both residents of Namhuga East Cell described Kilembe Mines Hospital as their immediate health facility that helps some expectant mothers from the mountainous areas of Mahango, Kilembe and Mbunga among others.

The duo argued that if the facility is left without workers, they community would face a lot of challenges related to the transportation of patients from the mountainous areas to the health facilities based in Kasese town.

Joseline Mbambu, a member of the Village Health Team (VHT) from Namhuga North west, was skeptical that withdrawing government’s health workers from the facility would make it hard for the pregnant mothers to seek antenatal care from other health facilities that are located far away from them.

Regina Masika Mahindasi, another resident suggested to government observed need for government to equip Kilembe Mines Hospital with medical supplies than opting to withdraw its health workers.



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