St. Paul’s Health Centre IV Launches State-of-the-Art Radiology Department, Revolutionizing Healthcare in Kasese Town


Kasese Town, Uganda – In a significant development for the local healthcare system, St. Paul’s Health Centre IV has officially unveiled its state-of-the-art Radiology Department.

The multimillion-dollar facility, which has been battling with limited radiology services, including X-ray and scanner capabilities, is set to greatly improve medical diagnostics and patient care in the region.

The newly commissioned Radiology Department boasts cutting-edge equipment, including an X-ray machine valued at 50 million Ugandan shillings and a scanner worth 35 million shillings.

Furthermore, a dedicated building, constructed at an estimated cost of 110 million shillings, will house the department’s operations.

Recognizing the challenges the facility faced in referring patients to external providers for radiology services, Rev. Noah Masereka Kijuguta, a representative of St. Paul’s Health Centre IV, highlighted the potential risks involved and expressed relief that such services could now be offered in-house, safeguarding patients’ lives.

During the commissioning ceremony, Rt. Rev. Nason Baluku, the South Rwenzori Diocesan Bishop, emphasized the significance of the Radiology Department, stating that it marks a major milestone towards the center’s anticipated upgrade to hospital status in the near future.

This development is poised to enhance the facility’s capabilities and contribute to its growth.

In his inaugural address, Dr. Patrick Kerchan, the Health System and Network Manager of the Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB) and representative of the UPMB Director, praised the administration of St. Paul’s Health Centre IV and the South Rwenzori Diocesan Health Department for their diligent efforts.

Dr. Kerchan expressed confidence that the new Radiology Department would significantly improve service delivery and overall healthcare provision in the area.

During his sermon, Bishop Baluku commended the health workers at St. Paul’s Health Centre IV for their invaluable service to the community.

Taking advantage of the occasion, he also encouraged all employees, not just those in healthcare, to demonstrate love for others, find fulfillment in their work, and foster a spirit of teamwork to achieve the best possible outcomes in their respective roles.

The establishment of the Radiology Department at St. Paul’s Health Centre IV marks a significant advancement in medical infrastructure in Kasese Town.

With cutting-edge equipment and a dedicated facility, the center is poised to provide high-quality radiology services, ensuring faster and more accurate diagnoses, and improving the overall standard of healthcare in the region.

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