Rwenzururu youth ask the district leadership to champion tree planting


The Rwenzururu Youths (E’syomango) in Kasese have appealed to the district leadership to support their idea of sensitizing the community about the need to plant trees and their associated benefits.

The youth, who had thronged the Buhikira Royal Hill in Kasese town to clear the bushes and prune the already planted trees on the hill, noted that since the district is prone to disasters including mudslides and flooding of rivers, the district leadership should come on board to sensitize the people on mindset change and environmental conservation.

They also stressed that if empowered, they E’syomango would champion the campaign of tree planting along the river banks and on bear hills across the district.

Mr. Jolly Kahyana, the Chairperson for E’syomango, explained that if more trees are planted, the area would receive more rains to support agriculture for food security.

Mr. Livingston Kato Zunguka and Mr. Erisa Byamukama, some of the people that participated in the exercise, urged the youth to embrace activities that are aimed at conserving the environment so as to curtail global warming.

Ms. Mariam Nyaboosi, another participant, called on her fellow youth to love their culture for identity.


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