Rwenzururu subjects warned against clinging to past events.  

The South Rwenzori Diocesan Bishop has discouraged the Rwenzururu subjects from clinging or dwelling on to the past events but to watch for the new things that God is ought to do for their kingdom.

The Rt. Rev. Nason Baluku sounded this today while preaching to the congregation that had turned for the thanksgiving service of Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere Iremangoma and the Royal Family of Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu at the St. Paul’s Cathedral in Kasese town.

The Bishop, who drafted his preaching from the biblical book of Isaiah 43:18-19 noted that God assures his people that he would do new things and make roads through the wilderness and give streams of water therein.

However, the prelate noted that to witness and achieve the assurance of God, the Rwenzururu subjects and the entire Christians ought to have trust in God, work for him and to position themselves in spaces that would enable receive their desire.

The Diocesan Bishop appreciated the His Majesty Charles Wesley Mumbere for his five point’s agenda in the rebranding process of the kingdom which include peace, unity, reconciliation, socio-economic transformation and mindset change.

Her Highness, Agnes Ithungu Asimawe, in her remarks thanked God for enabling government pardon the Omusinga and subsequently allowing him back to his kingdom where they would be able to resume with church activities that they had missed for the last seven years, asking the bishop to allocate a church minister who would be responsible for the royal family’s fellowships.

While addressing the congregation as well as his subjects, His Majesty, Omusinga Charles Wesley Charles Mumbere Iremangoma urged the people to keep peace, unity and security in the region. He also called for togetherness amongst the people irrespective of their tribes across the region, adding that Rwenzururu kingdom was for everyone.



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    That’s wonderful thanks to be to God 🙏🙏

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