Rwenzururu subjects courted on eating traditional foods

The Prime Minister of the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu has appealed to the Kingdom’s subjects to resort to eating traditional foods as a way of fighting against some Non Communicable Diseases that are sometimes caused by the excessive consumption of oils used by people while cooking.

Rt. Hon. Joseph Kule Muranga sounded the encouragement yesterday while speaking to our reporter in an exclusive interview at his office in Kasese town.

Muranga explained that with the current methods that people use to prepare food, the chances of people suffering from some Non Communicable Diseases are high.

According to him, the traditional foods should be given a priority because they are naturally cooked without mixing in some oils that might be dangerous to the people health if not well prepared.

He, on the other  hand, observed need for the Rwenzururu Subjects to embrace the idea of making regular physical exercises so that they become physically fit and improve on their health statuses.


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