Rwenzururu kingdom moves to address the high rate of stunted growth


The Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu is rising to the occasion to support the various stakeholders in developing a multi-sectoral approach aimed at curbing the high rate of stunted growth within the Rwenzori sub-region.

During a special session of the kingdom’s cabinet and some members of the Privy Council at Rwenzori International Hotel in Kasese town, Mr. Hashim Bwambale, a nutritionist at Kasese District Local Government revealed that whereas the national rate of stunted growth among children stands at 25%, Kasese’s statistics stand way above that at 40%.

Mr. Bwambale explained the pivotal role that the cultural institution can play in fighting stunted growth among children in this region.

Rwenzururu Kingdom acting Prime Minister Mr. Selevest Masereka noted the critical need for OBR to work with both the civil society and local government to sensitize the people about how best to fight what he termed the monstrous disease eating up the people.

Mr. Masereka revealed that the kingdom was in its advanced stages of designing an implementation plan about how to work with various stakeholders to salvage the people from malnutrition that eventually leads to stunted growth.

Dr. Safieldin Munir, the Country Representative for the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund-UNICEF emphasized the need critical need for the kingdom to improve the quality of life of its subjects.

Dr. Munir urged lactating mothers to embrace exclusive breast feeding for at least six months.


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