Rwenzururu King, Charles Wesley Mumbere to visit Katwe tomorrow


Kasese Deputy Resident District Commissioner, Lt Maate Magwara has appealed to the people of Kasese to ignore the letter written by Mr. Festo Kajura challenging the visit of Rwenzururu King, Charles Wesley Mumbere Iremangoma to Katwe.

Messiah Radio has obtained the said letter in which Mr. Kajura, who claims to be the coordinator of Ethnic Minority Rights Initiative, argues that the Omusinga Mumbere cannot travel to Katwe K’abatooro Town Council since that would be an encroachment on the cultural space of the Basongora people.

In the letter, Mr. Kajura appeals to the minister of gender, labour and social economic development, Ms Betty Among to prevail over the Omusinga and stop him from going to Katwe since his visit to Katwe could escalate ethnic tensions within district.

Now, in an exclusive interview with Messiah Radio, Lt Magwara urged the people of Kasese to treat the said letter with contempt arguing that it is premised on sheer ignorance of the law. He adds that Kajura’s letter was intended to provoke an overreaction and cause confusion at the time the district is recovering from conflicts.

He instead said his office has coordinated with the kingdom to give the necessary security so that the event is conducted successfully.

Meanwhile Ms Juliet Best who is coordinating the king’s royal visits across the district said they will not be destructed by the said, a copy of which they have not received. She commended government for offering all the necessary security to the king during the course of his visits across all chiefdoms. 

The Omusinga’s journey tomorrow will involve stop overs at Katwe Landing Site, Katwe salt lake, the defunct salt factory and a final address to his subjects in town next to Katwe tourism centre-KATIC. ENDS


  • Dr. LB Munakenya December 11, 2023

    The Bible says” blessed are the peacemakers ”
    I don’t know now what the Bible can talk about the confusion oriented Kajura.
    Time cures many diseases,,,,
    Thuhange abiri,,,
    Ekanda kanda yikathwa omuthemi,,
    Thulingirirene yika thulha miheghe

  • Masereka Agabas December 12, 2023

    Thank you Messiah Radio for always being at our service. Be blessed

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