Residents in Kasese Municipality raise concern over emerging drug shops and clinics


A section of residents from Kasese Municipality says it is concerned over the emerging drugs shops and clinics in the urban centre.

The residents allege that the emerging drug shops and clinics could be operating illegally and serving the people without authorization by the Municipal Health authorities.

They raised their concern today during a Budget Conference for the Central Division that was held in the Council Hall under the theme, “Monetization of the economy through Agriculture , industrialization, Digital transformation and market Access.”

Mr. Gideon Black, the NRM Chairperson for the Central Division says as concerned citizens, they are wondering if the health department has records of the drug shops and clinics in the urban centre. He suggests that such health facilities need to be assessed so that the concerned authorities get acquainted of the services that they offer.

Hon. Adam Bwambale, the District Councilor representing the Central Division says some of the clinics are carrying out admissions and offering other services that they are not licensed and qualified to offer.

Ms. Ronah Masika, the Town Agent for Nyakabingo II Ward who represented the Senior Assistant Town Clerk accused some operators of clinics for allegedly dumping medical wastes in non recommended places especially the incomplete structures and open pieces of land.

Responding to their concerns, the Health Inspector for the Central Division, Mary Consolate Kabugho explained that as Council, they do not have the mandate to close any drug shop or clinic.

She however asserted that they had learnt that some unqualified personnel register their clinics in the names of qualified health professionals.


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