Public Service Commission Sets Date for Written Tests in Kasese District Local Government


Kasese, The Public Service Commission of Uganda has scheduled August 15 as the date for conducting written tests for shortlisted candidates vying for positions within the civil service under Kasese District Local Government.

Mr. Lawrence Turuganya, the Kasese District Chairperson for the Public Service Commission, expressed satisfaction with the positive response received from the public service regarding their request to administer aptitude tests.

The tests will be conducted for candidates shortlisted for various positions, including education assistants, senior education assistants, enrolled nurses, deputy head teachers, Community Development Officers, and enrolled midwives.

Turuganya explained that the decision to subject the mentioned categories of positions to aptitude tests was due to the overwhelming number of applicants competing for each post. The tests will help in the fair assessment of candidates’ suitability for these roles.

However, he clarified that positions for Environmental Officers, which were also advertised, are currently under consideration by the public service due to the specific qualifications of the applicants.

In light of the upcoming tests and selection process, the Chairperson of the Public Service Commission issued a warning to the public and applicants to be cautious of individuals attempting to deceive them with promises of job access during interviews.

He emphasized that any such fraudulent activities would not be tolerated, and those found guilty would be dealt with accordingly by the police and the office of the Resident District Commissioner. The administration of written tests aims to ensure transparency and fairness in the selection process, promoting the recruitment of qualified individuals who can contribute effectively to the development and service delivery within Kasese District Local Government.

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