Patient without relatives worries health workers in Kasese


Health workers at Rukooki Health Centre IV in Nyamwamba Division of Kasese Municipality are stranded with a 55 – year-old woman who is currently receiving medication at the health facility without any relative that is taking care of her.

Steri Murokole, who claims is a resident of Maliba Town Council in Busongora County North, says she was brought to the health facility by a boda- boda man from Maliba who became sympathetic to her after looking at her deteriorating health situation.

However, after handing her to the health workers at the facility, the boda- boda man disappeared.

Murokole who says is helpless without food and someone to care for her, however, hails the health facility management for doing its best to give her medication.

Dr. Abraham Masereka, the in-charge at Rukooki Health Centre IV says after receiving Murokole at the health facility, they realized that she was in a poor health condition with a history of anemia that they are managing.

Mr. Lucas Buhaka, the Chairperson for the Management Committee at Rukooki Health Centre IV calls upon the members of the public to always go along with their relatives to the health centres whenever they fall sick so that they care for them

According to him, any patient who does not have caretakers makes the work of the health workers a bit difficult because no one answers questions about the patient’s history.


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