NRM Leader in Kasese warns locals on land fragmentation


The National Resistance Movement – NRM party in Kasese has encouraged the residents in the entire to shy away from the practice of land fragmentation that is allegedly affecting food production hence leading to lack of food and poverty.

At a weekly press briefing held at the District party offices in Kasese town, Mr. Johnson Kamalha Kalyasa, the District Publicity Secretary noted that the party leaders have been traversing all the sub-counties in Kasese district to purposely mobilize their cadres, look at some burning issues in the community, and monitor the manifesto implementation and people’s lifestyles.

According to him, they observed that Kasese is faced with a land crisis resulting from the practice of subdividing land by many families to their children and grand children. This, according to him affects the production of food.

Kamalha also told the press that during their monitoring exercise, they discovered that most infrastructures especially roads in the rural areas were in a sorry state. But the NRM Mouthpiece attributed the problem to the limited funds disbursed by Central Government to the district to work on the roads.

He, however, decried the vast size of the district compared to the rest in the country where according to him each received shillings 1 billion for the road fund. He also suggested to the government to revamp Kilembe Mines Limited so that over 6000 people are employed by the company as well as rehabilitating Katwe Salt Factory as an alternative means of creating employment for a big number of people on streets.

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