National Drug Authority impounds 500 tins of ARVs in Kasese and subsequently arrests the suspects


The Uganda National Drug Authority (NDA) has impounded 500 tins of Government donated Antiretroviral Drugs (ARVs) from a health worker and a blocker in Kasese district, Western Uganda.

The Authority is a government-owned organization in Uganda, mandated to regulate drugs in the country, including their manufacture, importation, distribution, and licensing.

Mr. Abiaz Rwamwiri, the Public Relations Manager at the National Drug Authority confirmed the incident to the press today afternoon at Kasese Central Police Station where the suspects had been detained for a night.

He named the suspects who were found in possession of the Government donated ARVs including Justine Ithungu, a health worker and resident of Kidodo cell in Kasese Municipality and Mr. Paul Bwambale Makanika, a resident of Railway who were apprehended yesterday in an intelligence led operation at their respective homes with the tins of drugs.

He explained that the first suspect, Ithungu was found with 50 tins that were kept under her bed while Makanika was found in possession of 450 tins of ARVs at his home.

Each of the tins according to him contains 90 doses meaning that the suspects were arrested with 45,000 doses of ARVs.

He revealed that the suspects who have this evening been transferred to Kibuli in Kampala have been charged with theft and selling of government drugs with an additional charge of abuse of office to the health worker. The duo is expected to be produced before the Buganda Road Court soon.

Mr. Rwamwiri told the journalists that they were skeptical that the suspects could be selling the stolen drugs to the ADF rebels in DRC.

His suspicion is based on the fact that the UPDF have been recovering drugs from the ADF camps in DRC with a brand of the Government of Uganda.

He subsequently cautioned the public against playing with government property, arguing that the act causes a financial loss to the economy.

The duo’s cases were registered at Kasese Central Police Station under SRD 294/2024 and SRD 286/2024 respectively.


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