Ministry of ICT re-affirms to swell the efficiency of internet connectivity


The Ministry of Information Communication Technology has re-affirms plans to swell the efficiency of internet connectivity across the country.

The Ministry’s junior Minister of State, Godfrey Baluku Kabbyanga says at cabinet level a decision has already been made to increase the speed of internet.

According to Kabbyanga, a decision to get a loan from Exim bank was made and he is very hopeful that this will address the issue of low internet speed across the country.

Kabbyanga sounded on Saturday at the official launch of a digital transformation community awareness and sensitization summit for western Uganda at Rwenzori International Hotel in Kasese town.

The summit organized by Lucky People Association Uganda Limited is looking at how Uganda can be promoted among other countries in digital transformation.

Dr. Julius Ziragaba, the organization’s Deputy Executive Officer explains to the press that digital transformation is going to be achieved ultimately through training and teaching people modern technologies.

He adds that a comprehensive research was conducted at organization level and it was discovered that the uptake of digital technologies is low.

Kabbyanga hailed the organization for supplementing government’s efforts of training the population about these technologies and he quickly challenged the public to guard jealously their data and information against unscrupulous hackers.

It is against this background that the retired Bishop of South Rwenzori Diocese, Bishop Zebedee Kahangwa Masereka then asked the Christian flock to be innovative and use their smart phones to improve agriculture. ENDS.

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  • NABAKKA PROSCOVIA March 18, 2024

    This will be helpful for both government and the citizens, because the more people understand and utilize digital services the more rapid fhe country grow s in terms of modern technologies and adoption

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