Manhunt Launched for MP Gideon Thembo Mujungu Over Unpaid Court Costs; Reward Offered for His Apprehension


A reward of shillings two million awaits whoever will disclose the whereabouts of the Busongora County South Member of Parliament, Gideon Thembo Mujungu so that he is arrested over alleged failure to pay shillings 183 million to Hon. Jackson Mbaju Kathika.

The said money accrued out of a court of appeal ruling that nullified the victory of Mujungu as the duly elected MP for Busongora County South in Kasese district and ordered the Electoral Commission to conduct a by-election. The same court ordered Mujungu to pay the said money as costs to Kathika.

However, after the by-election that saw Mujungu retain his seat, he ran to court to challenge the costs that were slapped on him but his petition was dismissed giving merit to Kathika to have him paid his money.

On June 13, 2023, the High Court of Uganda at Fort-portal issued a warrant of arrest in Execution to Joneni Bwambale, a bailiff of court commanding him to arrest Mujungu where he may be unless he pays the said sum of money.

Addressing the press in Kasese town, Kathika said after several mediation meetings mediated by religious leaders, family members and politicians in Kasese district, Mujungu has deliberately refused to pay him his money, a reason why he and his legal team decided to look for Mujungu so that he is arrested. He also declared a reward of shillings two million to whoever discloses the whereabouts of Hon. Mujungu.

He, however, warned civilians from arresting Mujungu but to only inform police and other law enforcement officers both in Kasese and Kampala to arrest Mujungu. When contacted on phone, Hon. Mujungu declined to comment about the matter.


  • Mbusa Stephen July 6, 2023

    Failure to prepare is preparing to fail, mujungu is preparing to fail 2026 elections bcse he will fail to an accountability to his constituency

  • Mukenyera Bernards July 8, 2023

    Mujungu should pave a clear way for 2026 elections by paying kathika the said sum and continue performing his mp duties. Hiding won’t effect his work and help him.

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