Leaders from Kasokero Parish, Kyondo Sub-county in Kasese district decry water shortage


Local leaders from Katunura –Bulighisa village, Kasokero Parish in Kyondo Sub-county, Kasese district have revealed that they are concerned about the prolonged lack of safe and clean drinking water in the area.

The leaders allege that the incident has forced the residents to grapple with where to get water for drinking and domestic use.

Mr. Patrick Muhesi, the area Local Council I Chairperson says Katunura – Bulighisa village has never got safe and clean drinking water hence forcing residents especially women to trek long distances in search of water.

Disappointed with the situation, Mr. Muhesi who on Sunday narrated to our reporter explained that they have on several occasions tasked the area Councilors to present the issue to the Sub-county leadership but in vain.

He has now resorted to mobilizing the local residents in the area to mobilize resources and construct their own gravity flow scheme from a source in Bulighisa village to serve the entire population. According to him, they are looking for 22 rolls of water pipes to have the work done.

Rosemary Biira, the Sub-county Woman Councilor representing Kasokero Parish has since contributed shillings 100,000 towards the water project.

She says the lack of safe and clean drinking water in her area of jurisdiction is to blame for increasing cases of domestic violence.

Other political players including Dr. Julius Monday Bwambale Rude, the Bukonzo East Parliamentary hopeful have also extended their helping hand.

Represented by Mr. Morris Baluku, Dr. Rude delivered 100 meters of water pipes to support the noble cause.

Mr. Muhesi and a section of residents including Anna Kabugho and Jerome Masereka overwhelmingly welcomed Dr. Rude’s support to them

The local leaders together with the residents including Anna Kabugho and Jerome Masereka overwhelmingly hailed Dr. Rude for the support in order for them to have safe and clean drinking. 


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