LCI Chairpersons call for water harvesting techniques


A section of Local Council I Chairpersons from the Central Division in Kasese Municipality has observed need for the Land Lords to be sensitized the importance of rain water harvesting.

This, according to them will help in preventing running water from submerging the urban centre and cause havoc.

The local leaders claim that 10% of the buildings in the Central Division have rain water harvesting tanks as 90% remains without.

Mr. Jackson Mbabu, the Vice Chairperson for Kyaminyoku- Kihalimu Cell in Nyakabingo II Ward says most of the buildings in his area of command do not have water harvesting tanks, a reason why they have continuously experienced a challenge of floods especially in the Kihalimu Water Channel that stretches from the hills in the area to Kasese town.

Mbabu argues that the said water channel has become a threat to the residents in the area.

Mr. Wilson Kiiza, the Local Council I Chairperson for Katadoba Cell says the challenge of insufficient water harvesting tanks in his area of jurisdiction leads to floods that subsequently destroy the roads.

 Mr. Boaz Sunday, the Local Council I Chairperson for Kyanjuki – Muyenga Cell calls for collaborative efforts by both political and technical leaders in addressing the challenge of floods.



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