Kirembe Community appeals for support to their community secondary school


The residents of Kirembe Ward in the Central Division of Kasese Municipality have appealed to the leaders to jointly advocate for the sustainability of their community secondary school.

In 2017, the local council I authorities from Kirembe Cell together with the residents resolved to begin a community secondary school after observing that children from the area could not be easily traced after completing primary level.

On February 20, 2017, the school that they named “Kirembe Blessed Hope Secondary School” started its official operations at St. Thomas Kirembe Church of Uganda premises and before the prevalence of Covid- 19 pandemic, the enrolment of students at the institution had reached 81.

Now, the community members from the entire Kirembe Ward want the leaders at all levels to work as a team and advocate for the institution that had started helping the children in the area to get access to secondary education.

While addressing a crowd that had thronged Kirembe Primary School Playground to listen to the midterm accountability of the Kasese Municipality Member of Parliament, Hon. Ferigo Kambale, last evening, Mr. Lawrence Bwambale, the L. C I Chairperson for Kirembe Cell who hailed the legislator for all the achievements and government projects that are being implemented in the area, however, called for joint efforts towards revamping their secondary school.

According to him, there was need for all the stakeholders to come on board and buy land on which the school would be constructed so that it serves the children in the area.

Bwambale, who also hailed government for its timely support to Kirembe Health Centre II, asked the Member of Parliament to support their initiative of elevating the Health facility to a health centre III status since it serves a bigger population.

 He also asked the legislator to help the community to revamp a borehole in the area so that more people get access to safe and clean drinking water. He, however, didn’t forget the contribution of Hon. Kambale towards extending safe and clean drinking water to the people living along Kororo valley in Kirembe Cell.

Consulate Kabugho, a resident explained that the lack of a secondary school in the area exposes their girl children to a risk of being lured by men as they trek long distances to Kasese town for secondary school education.

Responding to the residents’ concerns, Hon. Kambale pledged to engage the relevant stakeholders so that together they look into the issues raised by the community members.

Giving his midterm accountability to the gathering, Kambale explained that government has been able to establish an industrial park in Kirembe Ward, construct an immunization shelter at Kirembe Health Centre II, work on a bridges and roads in the area, construct the offices of Kirembe Ward, construct a roof shed at Kirembe Market, give 107 people money under the Parish Development Model (PDM) and Uganda Women Entrepreneurship Programme (UWEP) among others.

He also explained that in addition to establishing skilling centres, he has been able to initiate a health is wealth programme where many people are getting free pressure, diabetes and breast cancer services.

During the rally, at least seven opposition supporters defected to the ruling National Resistance Movement. ENDS

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