Kasese’s Young Entrepreneurs Commit to Boosting Kasese as a Prominent Tourism Destination


In a virtual meeting organized by the Kasese Youth in Tourism Association (KAYITA), a group of young entrepreneurs expressed their dedication to promoting Kasese as a thriving tourism destination. The event aimed to engage youth in tourism entrepreneurship and explore the opportunities offered by the tourism sector in Uganda.

Addressing the urgent need to tackle high-skilled youth unemployment and underemployment in the tourism industry, participants emphasized the importance of prioritizing youth entrepreneurship and innovation for sustainable tourism in Africa. This concern resonates across Sub-Saharan countries, including Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa, where youth unemployment rates remain alarmingly high.

While the tourism sector holds significant potential for generating employment, driving economic growth, and supporting sustainable development goals, current opportunities for youth in Sub-Saharan Africa are often viewed as insecure, low-skilled positions with limited innovation and low remuneration.

During the virtual meeting, Mr. Kameli Zephaniia Bwambale, Managing Director of Musingika Tourism Company Limited and Team Leader at Kasese Youth in Tourism Association, shared insights on creating an investment-ready enterprise capable of attracting investors. He emphasized that potential funders or partners consider the legal structure of a business, its future financial capability, and the competence of the founding team.

Another keynote speaker, Mr. Gonzaga Stephen, who serves as the team lead at Akiiki Holidays, discussed the various business opportunities within the tourism sector and proposed solutions to address the challenges identified during the meeting.

Participants recognized Kasese, as a tourism district, as a region brimming with untapped business prospects. Mr. Felex Kamalha, a participant and coordinator at Ruboni Tourism Village, highlighted the district’s struggle with negative publicity. He encouraged young entrepreneurs to leverage the internet positively for destination marketing, thereby boosting tourist numbers in the area.

Mr. Charles Muhindo Mafaranga, another participant, stressed the importance of young Ugandans believing in their abilities to start and manage businesses before seeking government assistance.

The majority of attendees agreed that tourism offers an opportunity for young people to showcase their love for Uganda, its natural beauty, and its diverse landscapes, including breathtaking scenery and freshwater rivers and lakes. This new generation of young entrepreneurs is poised to promote their country to the world.

Baluku Anzire Muranga emphasized that a lack of finances should not deter aspiring entrepreneurs. He advised young individuals to start with the resources available to them and gradually build from there. Muranga also underscored the significance of collaboration in the tourism industry, urging participants to form partnerships with like-minded companies.

Uganda’s tourism potential has been gaining international recognition, with esteemed publications such as Lonely Planet, influential online bloggers, and National Geographic Traveler endorsing the country’s exceptional nature tourism experiences. This increased attention from the market amplifies business opportunities and reinforces the importance of fostering an entrepreneurial mindset.

By committing to support the visibility and growth of Kasese as a prominent tourism destination, the young entrepreneurs aim to contribute to the overall development of the region and the country’s tourism industry.


  • K.olive July 3, 2023

    Kasese, as tourism leading district in Uganda would be highly developed with tight security. People would be happy if the taxes served communities in terms of public services like clean water, good roads, hospitals , schools, electricity. What do we really lack in kasese and Uganda in generally? Only corruption at its highest peak. more prayers for love, empathy and development.

  • K.olive July 3, 2023

    I’m so much disappointed by security in uganda. I had 5 tourists from Europe scheduled for August but the Bwera attack made them to pull out. What a loss and shame. As long as we don’t settle our internal problems, we will not move higher. God blessed us with everything beautiful but we lack order due to selfish interests

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