Kasese residents urged to appreciate the efforts of the ruling government


The Kasese District National Resistance Movement (NRM) Chairperson has emphasized need for the residents to appreciate the efforts of the ruling party towards delivering effective services to most communities across the district.

Dr. Chrispus Kiyonga sounded the remarks today morning while addressing the press at the district party offices in Kasese town.

The District NRM Boss, who hailed a section of opposition supporters for making what he called a wise decision of defecting to the ruling party across all constituencies in the district, happily said that many people have started seeing the achievements of the mighty party that is chaired by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at the National level.

He highlighted some of the achievements of the NRM party in Kasese district including peace and security, infrastructural development like roads, electricity, and extension of safe and clean water, establishment of more irrigation schemes, education and affirmative action.

Other achievements according to him include promoting homestead incomes, giving senior appointments to the people of Kasese, establishment of skilling centres and secondary schools among others, a reason why he wants the people of Kasese to appreciate and vote into leadership NRM candidates at all levels.

On education, Dr. Kiyonga implored the Village Chairpersons to work closely with the PTA executives to seriously supervise the schools in their areas of jurisdictions in an attempt to improve the academic performance.

He also encouraged the parents to take their children for immunization against measles after being awash with information indicating that some cases have been confirmed in Kitswamba sub-county in Busongora County North.


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