Kasese residents tipped on the need to embrace livestock farming


Residents of Kasese district have been tipped on the need to embrace livestock farming as a means to diversify their sources of income.

Piggery has been highlighted as one of the income-generating ventures that people can engage in to be in position to earn an extra income.

Mughende Women Farmers Association-MUWOFA attests that indeed piggery is a lucrative business that can provide a significant source of income for farmers.

Ms Jemima Kobusinge from MUWOFA says piggery has over time proved that it can be a reliable source of income provided the farm is effectively managed through ensuring the right inputs and proper animal health.

According to Kobusinge, provided proper hygiene of the pig sties is maintained and the animals provided with the right feeds, piggery will always be a viable income-generating project since there is ready market for its products.

It is against this background that some members from MUWOFA were supported with rakes, spades and wheelbarrows to enable them ensure proper sanitation and hygiene around the farm.

MUWOFA, with support from Development Fund Geneva based in Switzerland has already supported at least rural vulnerable women with an intention to enhance their household incomes.

Godfrey Baluku Babuthirwaki, the Community Development Officer for Kinyamaseke Town Council concurs that piggery can be life-changing venture since it provides a reliable source of income.


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