Kasese residents cautioned against consuming condemned meat


Residents of Kasese have been urged to be cautious about the meat they procure from the meat for their consumption.

Dr. Yusuf Kibaya, the Kasese District Senior Veterinary Officer says many people continue consuming a lot of condemned meat which is displayed on stalls in various markets.

Dr. Kibaya specifically pointed out meat that some traders have been importing from Sanga Town Council in Kiruhura district.

In 2019, Kasese district production office issued a statement condemning the meat that was being imported from Sanga to the various markets in Kasese district.

Now, Dr Kibaya says it is unfortunate that people continue to consume such condemned meat which poses a threat to human life and the life of other animals within the district.

He appeals to people especially in the areas of Kyarumba Town Council, Katoho in Munkunyu Sub County, and Kiburara in Kisinga Sub County to be conscious of the quality of meat they buy from the market. He has also encouraged the people to use the veterinary officers in their areas to identify if the meat being sold to them is suitable for human consumption.


  • Masereka May 27, 2023

    Eeh Kandi kandi omukubhi…

  • Asiimwe Edgar July 3, 2023

    Why kasese

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