Kasese Municipal authorities warn against operating illegal schools


Kasese Municipal Council Authorities have given a grace period of one week to some privately owned schools whose operations were temporarily halted to have met all the Minimum Standards so that they are permitted to operate normally.

Recently, the Municipal Authorities revealed that they had halted the operations of at least 63 schools, arguing that they did not meet the Minimum Standards as guided by the Ministry of Education and Sports.

Mr. Zedekiya Kambasu Kayiri, the Deputy Municipal Town Clerk, told Messiah Radio that they decided to give a grace period of one week to the affected schools because some of them had committed themselves in writing that they would fulfill all the requirements.

He also noted that he was hopeful that many of them would be allowed to continue with their normal operations, adding that during the inspection exercise, it was discovered that only few were totally lacking the requirements.

He subsequently pledged to avail a list of those schools that will have failed to meet the Minimum Standards so that their names are read to the public with an advice on the parents to transfer their children to other schools.


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