Kasese District Security Committee Proposes Temporary Burial of Unclaimed Bodies from ADF Attack


The Kasese District Security Committee has put forth a proposal to bury the four remaining unclaimed bodies of learners who tragically lost their lives during an ADF (Allied Democratic Force) attack at Lhubiriha Secondary School in Mpondwe–Lhubiriha Town Council.

In a harrowing incident that occurred last month, more than forty people fell victim to the ADF rebels, and an unspecified number of individuals were reportedly abducted.

The bodies of the deceased learners, which are currently held in the Muhoti mortuary, were severely burnt beyond recognition, making it challenging to identify them through DNA tests, as they have not matched with any known individuals.

To bring closure to this heart-wrenching chapter, Kasese Resident District Commissioner, Lt. Joe Walusimbi, conveyed that the security committee has suggested the temporary burial of the unclaimed bodies while they await further claimants.

However, he emphasized the importance of time, urging people to come forward and attempt to identify the bodies if they suspect they may have lost a loved one in the attack.

Assuring the public, Lt. Joe Walusimbi also stated that the security situation in the district is currently calm and stable.

The community can engage in their regular activities, including business and development endeavors, without fear, as authorities are working diligently to maintain peace and protect the well-being of the residents.

The proposed temporary burial of these unclaimed bodies aims to bring some closure and dignity to the victims of this heinous attack.

It also underscores the urgency for families and friends who may be seeking answers about their missing loved ones to step forward and participate in the identification process. As Kasese District endeavors to heal from this tragedy, the local authorities continue to strive for justice and security for their community.

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