Messiah Radio Marks 25th Anniversary with Grand Outreach Fellowship, Drawing Hundreds of Christians in Celebration


Hundreds of Christians gathered at the Kasese Archdeaconry Headquarters for an outreach fellowship, marking one of the preliminary activities leading up to the official celebrations of the 25th anniversary of South Rwenzori Messiah Radio.

The radio station, which launched its broadcast on 97.5fm in August 25 years ago, is currently organizing various events, including outreach fellowships, blood donations, tree planting, a Bishop’s dinner, and Thanksgiving ceremonies.

As part of the anniversary celebrations, a team of prayer warriors from Messiah Radio visited the Kasese Archdeaconry headquarters to join the local Christians in offering thanks to God for the establishment of the influential and oldest radio station in Kasese district.

During the event, Ven. Alfred Mugisa Mujungu, the area Archdeacon, warmly welcomed the attendees and well-wishers, commending their affection for Messiah Radio. He highlighted the significant role the radio station has played in helping people find spiritual deliverance from their sins.

He encouraged the community to tune in to Messiah Radio regularly, emphasizing the station’s positive impact on their spiritual growth.

In his sermon, Evangelist James Byasongya emphasized the importance of repenting from sins and wrongdoings.

He cautioned that many individuals have entered into harmful covenants through evil practices, which can hinder their physical and spiritual prosperity.

As the celebrations for the silver jubilee of South Rwenzori Messiah Radio continue, the outreach fellowships, prayer gatherings, and other activities aim to foster a sense of gratitude and spiritual awakening among the community.

The radio station’s enduring presence and contributions to the spiritual well-being of the listeners make it a cherished institution in Kasese district and beyond.

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