Five schools temporarily closed in Kasese as River Nyamwamba bursts again


Five schools in Bulembia Division of Kasese Municipality have been advised to close temporarily after River Nyamwamba burst its banks today afternoon.

The closed schools are Mt Rwenzori Girls’ Secondary School, Bulembia Primary School, Katiri Primary School, Road barrier Primary School and Kyanzuki Primary school.

All the affected schools are located within the Nyamwamba Valley which has previously suffered firsthand the devastating effects of a flooding River Nyamwamba.

According to Serapio Boosi, the Head teacher at Road Barrier Primary says they were compelled to close because the school is located just a few metres away from the River.

Boosi revealed that government has previously constructed some gabions along a stretch close to the school but they are too short to stop a flooding crazy River Nyamwamba.

He emphasised the need for government to desilt the river so that it has enough bed to flood over without having to burst its banks.

Caroline Ebyau, the head teacher Mt Rwenzori Girls secondary school said that they decided to send the children back home because the river had started closing in to the school.

Ebyau, who said she was in school with only 28 boarding students, expressed concern over the night since by 4PM today it was already raining.

The flooding river also swept some gabions especially near the Rukoki Bridge in Kasese town.

Messiah Radio has also learnt that river Mubuku also burst its banks sweeping away the temporary foot-bridges along that river.

Mary Kyakimwa, a resident of Kisanga A says they are now in fear following the flooding of the river.

Richard Bomera, the Chairperson L. C III for Bulembia Division, has emphasised the need to expedite the desilting of river Nyamwamba and also construct strong gabions that can arrest the waters when the river attempts to flood.

He appealed to the people to remain calm but vigilant so that communication is made easy if the water volumes continue to rise.

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