Concerns Arise Over Dim Street Lights in Kasese Municipal Center


Kasese Municipal authorities have taken notice of the dimly lit street lights installed along the new roads in the town center and are investigating the reason behind this issue.

The street lighting systems were part of the road construction project implemented under the Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructural Development, with funding from the World Bank.

The matter was brought to the forefront during the Kasese Municipal Development Forum’s Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday at the Mayor’s gardens in Kasese Municipality, following multiple complaints from forum members.

Kasese MDF serves as a local platform for all stakeholders in the urban sector, including representatives from governmental and non-governmental institutions, organizations of the urban poor, and voluntary organizations at the municipal level.

During the forum, Geofred Bwambale, a representative from the Alliance for Community Health Education, and Amos Kambere voiced their concerns, highlighting that the street lighting systems in the town center were not as bright as those installed along Mboghoyabo road.

Responding to the complaints, the Kasese Deputy Town Clerk, Mr. Zedekiya Kambasu Kayiri, acknowledged that they had received several complaints regarding the perceived inadequate lighting.

He informed the attendees that the municipal engineer had been instructed to conduct an on-site assessment to determine the type of lighting systems installed. Subsequently, the authorities plan to communicate their dissatisfaction with the contractor responsible for the project.

Mayor Chance Kahindo of Kasese Municipality expressed gratitude to the people for their support in various development projects within the area. He urged unity among all stakeholders in implementing government programs for the betterment of the community.

Godfrey Kule Kiwede, the General Secretary of Kasese Municipal Development Forum, emphasized the forum’s commitment to monitor all government projects to ensure they benefit the people optimally.

The municipal authorities will continue to investigate the issue of the dim street lights and work towards finding a suitable resolution to address the concerns raised by the community.

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