Bishop Baluku Urges Parents to Strategically Guide Children’s Careers


On Friday, the Bishop of South Rwenzori Diocese, Rt. Rev. Nason Baluku, visited Citizens Secondary School in Kinyamaseke Town Council to administer the confirmation of 57 students into the Anglican faith.

During the ceremony, Bishop Baluku took the opportunity to emphasize the importance of parental involvement in their children’s career choices.

The Bishop encouraged parents, regardless of their location, to actively engage with their children and have open discussions about their career aspirations.

He stressed the significance of strategic planning in guiding young minds towards successful career paths, enabling them to reap greater benefits in the future.

Bishop Baluku expressed concern about a portion of parents who send their children to school without a clear vision of their future prospects. He warned that such an approach might adversely affect the students’ academic performance and hinder their ability to excel in their chosen fields.

Furthermore, the religious leader urged parents to make every effort to support their children’s educational pursuits.

He emphasized that investing in their children’s education and development would prevent future regrets and ensure that the children become dependable caregivers as the parents grow older.

Addressing the students directly, the Bishop cautioned them against getting distracted from their academic pursuits by other activities that could potentially harm their performance in school. He encouraged them to stay focused and dedicated to their studies to achieve their goals.

In response to the Bishop’s message, some of the students expressed gratitude for his timely advice. They appreciated his visit to their school, considering it a special occasion that left a positive impact on their academic and spiritual journey.

Bishop Baluku’s visit to Citizens Secondary School not only marked a significant moment of confirmation for the students but also served as a reminder for parents and students alike to work together in shaping fruitful career paths and achieving academic excellence.

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