Widows need to be empowered for their improved livelihoods, says Lay reader Kibikwamo


The leadership of Rusese Church of Uganda in Kyempara Anglican Church of Uganda Parish, Bwera Archdeaconry in South Rwenzori Diocese has embarked on a programme of organizing the widows, widowers and orphans into a savings’ group in a bid to improve their livelihoods.

The Church has so far registered 55 widows, widowers and orphans from the Anglican Church, Roman Catholic Church and the Muslim faith in the area.

Mr. Hannington Kibikwamu, the Lay reader at Rusese Church of Uganda says they decided to organize such categories of people into a saving group with an aim of addressing some of the challenges that they go through in life.

The challenges according to him include looking for money to meet the fees for their school going orphans as well as facilitating the welfare of the widows and widowers.

He also used the same platform to appeal to the rest of the leaders to always include such underprivileged categories of people in government programs like the Parish Development Model, Emyooga and Youth Livelihood among others that are aimed eradicating poverty from the community.

Ms Sadress Ithungu, a 39 –year-old widow whose husband died four years ago and is currently taking care of their 08 children hailed the church leadership for coming up with such a decision which she hopes will help her manage to get money to facilitate school fees for the orphans.

Mr. Wilson Kule, who lost his wife three years ago, explains that being a widower, he goes through a number of challenges especially when taking care of the children as a single parent.


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