Ugandan government hands over ADF abductees to the Congolese authorities


Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) has today handed 50 abductees to the Congolese Army (FARDC) and subsequently received 04 Ugandan abductees from the Congolese forces.

Abductees from both sides were rescued from the ongoing joint operation of the two forces ever since it was launched in 2021against the ADF rebels operating from DRC.

While handing over the Congolese abductees to the DRC authorities and receiving their counterparts from the Ugandan side at the former Operation Tactical headquarters in Kasindi, Maj. Gen. Dick Olum, the UPDF Mountain Division Commander/Operation Shujja explained that the abductees have been under the care of Bridge Way, an American Organization located in Kampala that works towards ending violence from the whole world.

He revealed that the abductees had been taken through guidance, counseling and skilling sessions and de-radicalization to begin new lives.

Maj. Gen. Olum, also advised the abductees to engage in productive activities and use the attained skills to improve their livelihoods through trade.

He emphasized that President Museveni had created an enabling environment for both the Ugandans and the Congolese to trade in either countries without paying for visas.

The UPDF Officer happily reported to the press that in the joint operation, they have been able to kill about twenty ADF rebel Commanders.

Col. Bokeon Okoko from the Congolese side who received the abductees on behalf of the DRC government hailed the Ugandan government for accepting to jointly work with them in combating the ADF rebels.

The Congolese Army Officer commended the Bridge Way for rehabilitating the Congolese abductees from both sister countries.

Ms. Esther Mariam Furaha, one of the Congolese abductees hailed the Ugandan government for rescuing them from terrible living conditions while in the bush under the command of the ADF rebels.

During the function, the abductees from both countries were given an assortment of relief items including mattresses, basins, buckets and suit cases among others to help them regain their normal life.


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