Uganda Red Cross Society donates relief items to 1,858 people in Kasese


At least 1,858 people from eight sub counties in Kasese district have received relief from the Uganda Red Cross Society after part of their pieces of land was taken over by National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) following their proximity with rivers.

Recently, NEMA made a survey along the rivers streaming from Rwenzori Mountains in Kasese district and discovered that some people had either built their houses in the flood zone areas or planted their crops along the river banks in the hilly districts.

Following the survey, some people in the affected areas were advised to shift to safer places while others were restricted from cultivating near the river banks.

After the incident, Uganda Red Cross Society picked interest in helping the affected persons and in Kasese district, eight sub-counties including Bugoye, Maliba, Kitswamba, Karusandara, Kilembe, Munkunyu, Rukooki, and Nyamwamba Division were selected to benefit from the relief.

The relief includes an assortment of items like axes, hoes, harmers and sacks whose purpose is to help the affected persons keep their harvested crops ( for the case of sacks) .

Mr. Ronald Kanyerezi, the Red Cross Manager for Kasese branch while handing over the 99 beneficiaries from Bugoye Sub-county at the lower local government’s headquarters, said after looking at the plight of the affected persons, they decided to intervene by giving such tools to them.

Mr. James Katalikawa Muthulhanda, the Bugoye sub-county Chairperson hailed Uganda Red Cross Society for supporting a section of his electorate he said were greatly affected by floods from Rivers Mubuku and Isebwe and a survey by NEMA.

He, however, told the affected persons to take heart, adding that part of their pieces of land was taken to protect wildlife and conserve the environment.

The Sub-county Boss comforted those who did not appear on the list of beneficiaries to calmly wait for the second phase.

Some of the beneficiaries applauded the Uganda Red Cross Society for looking into their plight, pledging to use the received tools only for the purpose for which they were meant.


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