Traffic paralyzed due to a heavy down pour in Kirembe cell


Traffic came to a standstill yesterday in Kirembe after rubble from the flooding streams made the roads and the bridges impassable.

Two bridges Kirembe to Wasewanaba and another connecting Kirembe to Kasese town became impassable leaving the residents within the same area cut off from the other part of the world.

Mr. Laurence Bwambale the local council one chairperson of the area said the Sunday night rains caused the flooding of the streams which carried with them so many logs that subsequently blocked the culverts making water spread across the roads hence making them impassable.

Mr. Bwambale said such events affect business within the affected area.

He appeals to Kasese Municipal Council to come to the immediate rescue of the people in Kirembe and have the matter resolved.

Several other residents our reporter talked to decried the destruction their crops have suffered as a result of the heavy down pour before calling on government to come to their support.


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