Nyakiyumbu residents call for the relocation of a herd of elephants from the community land


Residents from three villages in Nyakiyumbu sub-county, Bukonzo County West in Kasese district have called on government through the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) to relocate a herd of at least five elephants that has for long stayed in the community land.

 The residents mostly from the villages of Kyabikongoro, Kitatura and Rwehingo allege that the said wild beasts could have escaped to the community land during the period in which UWA was erecting an electric wire fence along the boundaries of the Queen Elizabeth National Park and since then, they have never gone back to the gazetted area, hence leading to the destruction of people’s crop gardens.

Ms Maria Kabugho, a resident of Kyabikongoro village, argues that the elephants have now become a threat to their lives since they run after them.

Mr. Matia Muhoko Kapota, a famer in Rwahingo village, says the residents in the affected areas are likely to be hit by hunger following the destruction of their crop gardens by the elephants.  

They have since called for the intervention of government in an attempt to save the situation.

Mr. Peter Sunday Kakule confirmed the incident to Messiah Radio in a telephone interview. He, however, stressed that they were working hand in hand with UWA to have the said elephants relocated to the park.


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