NRM Party member in Kasese seeks proposal to amend party constitution


Bulembia Division chairperson Mr. Richard Bomera wants the ruling National Resistance Movement-NRM to begin charting a way about the next general election scheduled for January 2026.

Mr Bomera, an ardent member of the ruling party says for a long time the NRM has suffered internal contradictions arising out of contestation of the outcome of the primary election.

He specifically points out the need for an amendment of the party constitution to include a clause that bars party district executive members from standing for an elective position in the general polls.

Bomera, who was speaking to Messiah Radio in an exclusive interview in Kasese town on Sunday, argued that the party also needs to re-examine how flag bearers are selected adding that the universal adult suffrage in the internal poll normally leaves the party divided between successful and unsuccessful candidates.

This, he argues, has seen several party members stand as independent candidates hence sometimes causing the party to lose the seat to the opposition candidate.  

Bomera wants the party to find ways to ring-fence many positions to limit internal rivalry the way they have been doing it for the presidency. President Museveni has never been subjected to a primary election in the NRM as he is always declared a sole candidate way before the internal polls begin. The Bulembia Division Boss says ring-fencing most positions would give the party more time to mobilize and recruit new members.


  • Baluku. June 5, 2023

    Adult surfrage leaves scars on other pple heart hence creating a big gap btn. However on othe r hand bollot boxes have always been over stuffed prior to election.
    The only best way to go is digital . Where once u vote in any part of the country u cant vote again.
    A case in point india with 200 million voters has always had its elections nearly successfully.

  • Kule pascal June 5, 2023

    There is realistic and evident analysis in his submission surly!! Why would a full party chairperson run for Mpship? How will he mobilise for the party and do his parliamentary duties? Wait even some district nrm chairpersons doubles as CEC members like Dr. Chrispus kiyonga was once a member of parliament for Bukonzo west constiuency, CEC member NRM, Cabinet minster and NRM chairperson kasese district!! Surly how effective can one do all those key duties?
    Amending the constitution is worthy.

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