Ministry of Water and Environment launches the construction works of Bwengo Water Supply System in Nyakiyumbu Sub-county


The Ministry of Water and Environment has launched the construction works of Bwengo Water Supply System in Nyakiyumbu Sub-county, Bukonzo County West in Kasese district.

The project worth shillings 400 million which will run for two months is expected to serve four villages including Katholhu, Bwengo, Kitaturwa and Kathikalhi in Katholhu Parish.

Targeting a population of approximately 1,500 people, the solar powered water project is being funded by the United Kingdom Export Finance.

While addressing different stakeholders during the launch that was held yesterday at Katojo Primary School, Ms Stella Kwebiha, a Sociologist at the Mid-Western Umbrella of Water and Sanitation under the Ministry of Water and Environment, explained that the focus of government was to ensure that the people access safe and clean drinking water.

Ms Kwebiha stressed that like other similar projects that have been implemented in Kasese especially in some areas of Nyakatonzi, Bigando, Hamkungu amd Muhokya, the solar powered water project’s durability is 20 years. 

She categorically put it clear to the residents who also the beneficiaries that they would be required to be paying user fees for maintenance, adding that no one would be compensated should the pipes pass in their pieces of land.

Mr. Billy Oruk, an Engineer from Nexus Green, a company that has been contracted to implement the project, revealed that the system would powered by eight bigger solar panels which would pump water into four tanks with each having a holding capacity of 40,000 liters.

The Kasese District Vice Chairperson, Mr. Ham Natuhwera, told the gathering that Kasese was among the districts that receive huge sums of money amounting to more than 1.4 billion for water extension every financial year.

According to him, government is also implementing other mega projects including Nyamughasana at a tune of shillings 90 billion, Mbunga –Nyakazinga at a tune of shillings 05 billion, Kithakena and Nyangorongo  at a tune of shillings 4.5 billion each while Dunguluha and Old Bwera have also been designed for construction.

The Kasese RDC, Lt. Joe Walusimbi who officiated at the function, appealed to the community members to appreciate the ruling NRM party for effectively implementing her manifesto.

He, however, warned the contractors against doing shoddy works that do not signify value for government’s money.

The Nyakiyumbu Sub-county Chairperson, Mr. Peter Sunday Kakule, cautioned the residents against vandalizing the project that has been established in the area.


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