Christians encouraged to embrace forgiving one another

Christians wherever they are have been encouraged to always learn how to forgive one another and embrace the gospel of cooperation as a way of strengthening their Christianity. 

The encouragement was sounded yesterday by Rev. Solomon Badaaki, the Hunan Resource Manager at Kagando Rural Development Centre – KARUDEC while preaching to the congregation at All Saints Ibanda Church of Uganda in Ibanda Anglican Parish, Ibanda Archdeaconry.

Rev. Badaaki noted that the devil has many ways of diverting Christians from moving in the right path and direction, adding that disunity and failure to love one another are not good practices in the Lord’s temple.

Quoting the Biblical Book of Mathew 6: 24 -30, the Church Minister also warned the Christians against the practice of stockpiling money and other possessions on earth, advising them to make the right choices of keeping their money in heaven through supporting church activities and helping the needy.  

He also used the same platform to call upon the Christians to engage themselves on some productive activities especially during the rainy season. He observed need for them to plant food crops that would help them fight against the challenge of food insecurity in their families.

In his remarks, Rev. Reuben Basolene, the Caretaker of All Saints Ibanda Church of Uganda hailed Rv. Badaaki for his inspirational sermon to the church pillars.

According to him, the sermon reminded the church pillars that they should work together without any form of divisionism for the smooth running of the church activities and projects. 


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