Nyamwamba Division Chairperson Applauds Central Government’s Financial Support, Highlights Achievements in Development Projects


The Nyamwamba Division Chairperson in Kasese Municipality, Mr. Pimako Kasereka, commended the Central Government for its substantial financial support provided to the Division over the past two consecutive financial years.

Speaking at a press conference held on Thursday afternoon at Jeliza Hotel in Kasese town, Mr. Kasereka expressed his gratitude for the consistent backing received from the Central Government since assuming office as the Division’s Political head two years ago.

Highlighting the various forms of support, Mr. Kasereka mentioned the disbursement of over 800 million shillings for the Parish Development Model, aimed at benefiting the residents across the eight wards.

He also highlighted the ongoing construction of the Mboghoyabo road, amounting to 16 billion shillings, which has reached an impressive 80% completion rate.

Additionally, Mr. Kasereka emphasized the positive impact of special grants provided to persons with disabilities, youth, and women, contributing significantly to the overall development of the densely populated division.

He credited the remarkable progress in the area to the commitment, cooperation, and unity among the council members, who have worked together harmoniously regardless of their political affiliations.

Under Mr. Kasereka’s leadership, the Division has achieved various milestones in the past two years.

These include the opening of community access roads, establishment of new markets, enhanced security measures, and the establishment of immunization centers. Furthermore, the operations of Rukooki Health Centre IV and several health center IIIs within the division have been strengthened, benefiting the local residents.

In a bid to generate additional local revenue, Mr. Kasereka revealed that the council has unanimously agreed to establish a roadside fruit market along the Kasese-Fort Portal Highway, opposite the Lorry Park at Nyakasanga.

The collective efforts, coupled with the financial support from the Central Government, have brought significant development and progress to Nyamwamba Division.

Mr. Kasereka expressed his satisfaction with the achievements and reaffirmed his commitment to continue working towards the division’s prosperity and the well-being of its residents.