Warning to Privately Owned Schools in Kasese District: Employ Qualified Personnel


In a recent meeting held at Kasese Primary School, the District Principal Inspector of Schools, Mr. Ernest Bwambale Thabugha, issued a stern warning to the administrators of privately owned institutions of learning in Kasese district.

The warning came in response to the alarming practice of employing unqualified personnel within these educational institutions.

The meeting, attended by Head Teachers and Directors of privately owned schools, had a primary focus on training participants in the implementation of the Teacher Effectiveness and Learner Achievement System (TELA). The introduction of the TELA system aims to tackle the persistent issue of learners’ and teachers’ absenteeism, both in government and privately owned schools.

During the gathering, Mr. Thabugha emphasized that the hiring of unqualified teachers and staff contradicts educational guidelines. He clarified that institutions must prioritize employing licensed and registered teachers, regardless of their levels of education.

Mr. Emmy Mwesige Kayiri, the Kasese Municipal Education Officer, also addressed the gathering and urged school proprietors to improve their infrastructure to meet the necessary standards for accommodating students effectively.

Mr. Laban Mwebaze, the Chairperson for the Kasese Municipality Private School’s Headteachers’ Association, expressed appreciation for the government’s efforts in involving private schools in educational initiatives.

However, he urged school managers to refrain from employing individuals without proper appointment letters, emphasizing the importance of compliance with regulations.

The call to employ qualified personnel and follow educational guidelines comes as a crucial step towards ensuring the delivery of quality education and fostering a conducive learning environment in privately owned schools in Kasese district.

With the implementation of the TELA system and adherence to these recommendations, the district’s educational institutions are poised to make significant strides in improving the overall learning experience for students and teachers alike.

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  • Thembo Gideon Kiribyunza November 16, 2023

    Much emphasis should be on appointing staff in privately owned institutions.
    This can curb the challenge of unnecessary chasing of teachers leaving their monthly payment balances behind.
    They should also enhance paying contributions to NSSF for staff to help them survive in future.

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