Ugandan residents continue advocating for a free visa movement to DRC


Despite advocating for a free visa movement by the Ugandan government to her citizens crossing to the Democratic Republic of Congo to carry out their farming activities, the residents of Karambi sub-county in Kasese district have revealed that they are still being charged by the Congolese authorities every time they cross into the country.

The residents made the revelation to the Kasese Deputy Resident District Commissioner in-charge of Bukonzo County yesterday afternoon during a community meeting that was held at Kisanga village in Kisolholho Parish.

The meeting was aimed at sensitizing members of the public about security issues and other programmes that would help them fight against absolute poverty from their communities.

But at the meeting, the residents noted that despite the intervention of the government of Uganda to introduce a visa free movement, the DRC forces have continued charging them shillings 1,000 per person at every crossing into the country.

Ms. Anastarin Mbambu, a resident of Kisolholho village argued that the shillings 1,000 was too much for the farmers who go to their gardens on a daily basis.

Maliza Mbambu, another resident from Kisolholho village, asked the Ugandan authorities to negotiate with her counterparts from the DRC so that they come up with a concrete resolution that favours people from both countries.

Mr. Uziah Maate Syahungene, the L. C II Chairperson for Kisolholho Parish, testified that the farmers were greatly suffering due to their failure to pay money to access their crop gardens on a daily basis.

Responding to their concerns, Lt. Maate Magwara reassured them that both the Ugandan and DRC governments were in discussions to have the free visa movement implemented.

He, however, indicated that currently there is a provision for people who cross to get free travel permits that are only valid for three months and renewable as they wait for both governments to resolve the matter.


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