Ugandan fishermen urged to maintain good relations with the Congolese


Fishermen operating on Lake Edward in Kasese district have been asked to maintain good relations with their counterparts from the Democratic Republic of Congo as one of the ways of enhancing bilateral trade.

The remarks were sounded yesterday by Lt. Maate Magwara, the Kasese Deputy RDC in-charge of Bukonzo County while addressing a section of fishermen and community members at Kayanja landing site in Nyakiyumbu sub-county, Kasese district.

Lt. Magwara together with the District Chairperson, Mr. Eliphaz Muhindi Bukombi had visited the area to monitor some government projects especially the construction of an 8.7 kilometer Katholhu –Kayanja tarmac road, healthcare services and schools.

Lt. Magwara explained to the fishing community that Uganda has the smallest size of the Lake waters approximately 33% compared to the 67% owned by DRC, hence a need for them to maintain the cordial relationship with the Congolese counterparts.

He also encouraged them to maintain vigilance in terms of security as the landing site has a porous route to the DRC that ADF rebels might take advantage of and cross to Uganda to destabilize peace.

On his part, Mr. Muhindi appealed to the community members to engage themselves in some productive activities for the realization of improved standards of living. 

Mr. Peter Sunday Kakule, the Nyakiyumbu Sub-county Chairperson revealed that they were in the process of improving the landing site to host some immigration and emigration activities.


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