Traders at Mpondwe Market are protesting the high cost of Covid-19 testing.

Traders at Mpondwe Market in Mpondwe- Lhubiriha Town Council in Kasese District are crying foul because of the suspension of their activities for over a year.

The traders are protesting the high cost of Covid-19 testing, which has limited them and their Congolese counterparts from crossing the border.

The town council neighbors the Uganda-DRC border point. In September, the government reopened Entebbe international airport and all borders after more than six-month of closure as part of the COVID-19 preventive measures.

However, all travelers have to be tested for COVID-19. But these restrictions have affected the entire cross border business in Kasese District. Fish traders have since abandoned their businesses due to lack of customers and now want the government to lift the ban on their operations.

They also want the government to give them free Covid-19 testing so that they can ably cross into DRC. 

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