Teachers warned against indecent dressing


The need to have the Head teachers of some government grant –aided primary schools in Kasese district improve on their dressing codes generated a lot of debate yesterday during their induction meeting that was held at the multipurpose hall in Kasese town.

Before the official release of the 2023 P.L.E results by the acting District Education Officer, Mr. Ernest Bwambale Thabugha, the Head teachers were called for a meeting in which they were cautioned against indecent dressing at their various places of work.

The meeting that was chaired by the District Secretary for Social Services, Hon. Girivazio Monday Bwambale, was also aimed at equipping the participants with good leadership skills but speaker after speaker commented on the way of dressing by some the Head teachers which according to them still remains a challenge.

Mr. William Muserero, the Chairperson of the Primary Head teachers in Kasese, reported that his office was awash with a number of complaints from the general public accusing the Head teacher of the poor dressing code that does not portray a good image.

According to him, the poor dressing code by the Head teachers does not inspire the young generation to go for a teaching course after completing their secondary levels.

Hon. Girivazio Monday Bwambale conquered with Mr. Muserero and immediately directed the Head teachers to appear in uniform as they come for the next meeting. 

The Kasese District Principal Human Officer, Mr. Samson Bihanikire, reported that he was aware of the Head teachers’ poor dressing code, calling for combined efforts by the general public and other relevant stakeholders towards ending the vice.

He used the same platform to caution the Head teachers of both primary and secondary schools especially those on government payroll against adopting some lifestyles that they cannot afford.

According to him, such lifestyles have forced many of the teachers to seek early retirement from civil service and look for greener pastures elsewhere.

 Mr. Ernest Bwambale Thabugha, the acting District Education Officer, reminded the Head teachers of the need to preserve their integrity both at their respective places of work and public.

In his inauguration speech, Mr. Thabugha explained that his term of office would focus on various cores including respect for one another, transparency, confidence, trust, unity and integrity among others.

He also observed need for the Head teachers to reintroduce school bands in their respective institutions of learning as an alternative way of motivating the learners to love being in school, stay and complete school and thus reduce the rate of school dropouts.



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