Schools warned against opening before the official date


The Kasese District Chairperson has discouraged the management committees of schools from embracing the practicing of operating the institutions of learning illegally before the official date.

According to a calendar from the Ministry of Education and Sports, schools will officially open their doors for the first term on February 05, 2024 but in some districts Kasese inclusive, some schools especially the privately owned are conducting normal business before the official date.

 Mr. Eliphaz Muhindi Bukombi, the District Boss says any school that operates during the current holiday break should be having permission from the relevant authorities, appealing to the Education Department to take up the concern. 

He also argues that teaching the learners before the official date of opening schools deprives others who have not been able to afford extra money for coaching fee the right to get the required notes and complete the syllabus like their fellows.        

He instead suggests to the parents to ensure that their children stay at home and help them to accomplish other domestic activities as they prepare for the forthcoming school term, adding that the holiday break is given to the learners to settle their minds.


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