Rwenzururu subjects warned against entertaining unknown people claiming to be working under the authorization of Omusinga


Rwenzururu Kingdom subjects have been discouraged from being lured and following people who have come up across the district claiming to be working under the authorization of Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere Iremangoma to falsely obtain land.

Addressing the press today afternoon at the Cultural institution’s Liaison’s office, the Kingdom’s Spokesperson, Hon. Geoffrey Kanyonyi, explained that there were unknown individuals who have falsely started stealing people’s money claiming ownership of some  pieces of land in Kyabatukura, Kitswamba Sub-county among other areas in the district.

The alleged fraudsters also claim to be in possession of written documents from State House through the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu.

He also added that they had been notified that there was someone claiming to be registering people as Royal Guards, arguing that the Kingdom is not linked to that activity in any way.

Kanyonyi appealed to the subjects to always follow the official programmes and rightful arrangements of the cultural institution.

The Rwenzururu Kingdom Mouthpiece also used the same platform to encourage the subjects to be watchful of the people who come to them in their respective communities in order to prevent people from using the cultural institution’s name in a wrong manner.


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