Retirement Marks Change in Kasese District Health Department Leadership


As the retirement day arrived, Kasese District Local Government bid farewell to two dedicated individuals who have served the health department diligently over the years.

The District Health Officer, Dr. Yusuf Baseke, and District Drug Inspector, Mr. Enos Masereka, officially retired today after commendable tenures of 10 and 20 years, respectively.

Dr. Yusuf Baseke, a respected figure in the health department, reflected on his time in office, highlighting the significant progress made during his tenure.

Notably, he emphasized the remarkable increase in the number of health facilities across the district, which rose from 87 to an impressive 144 by the time of his appointment in 2017.

With the retirement of Dr. Baseke, the responsibility of acting District Health Officer falls to Mr. Stephen Bagonza, the Assistant District Health Officer in charge of Environmental Health.

Mr. Bagonza, after receiving the symbolic tools of power, expressed his commitment to upholding the highest job ethics and continuing the work initiated by his predecessor.

At the handover ceremony, Ms. Catherine Mbambu, representing the Chief Administrative Officer, conveyed her heartfelt appreciation to the retiring officials for their dedicated service to the district.

She also extended an invitation to them, urging them to respond whenever their guidance is required.

In response to the vacancies created by the retirements, Mr. Eliphazi Bukombi Muhindi, the Kasese District Local Council V chairperson, made an appeal to the public service commission to expedite the recruitment exercise for civil servants.

This move would ensure that these crucial positions are filled promptly to maintain the smooth functioning of the health department.

Additionally, Mr. Muhindi urged the office of the Chief Administrative Officer to motivate the staff by promptly promoting those who meet the necessary qualifications.

This strategy, he believed, would encourage employees to double their efforts and dedication towards their work.

As Kasese District moves into a new chapter with fresh leadership, the public remains hopeful that the positive momentum in healthcare facilities’ establishment will continue to thrive under the stewardship of the acting District Health Officer, Mr. Stephen Bagonza.

The retirees, Dr. Yusuf Baseke and Mr. Enos Masereka, leave behind a legacy of service and dedication that will be remembered and appreciated by the district for years to come.


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