Residents unhappy after missing on mosquito nets’ distribution lists in Kasese


A section of residents in Kasese district has expressed disappointment over the manner in which some people did not appear on the lists of the beneficiaries of the Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets.

Recently, government through the Ministry of Health donated 508,880 mosquito nets to Kasese District Local Government to be distributed to at least 1.1 million people as a way of curtailing the spread of malaria among the people in their respective communities.

However, the exercise that started yesterday has received a lot of criticism from the residents which some of them complaining that they were not considered.

Some of the people especially at the Railway quarters were heard by our reporter saying that they were surprised to be pushed out of lines of those waiting to receive mosquito nets. They wondered why they were treated in such a manner even when they are Ugandans and legible voters.

However, the Kasese Deputy RDC in-charge of Busongora County, Mr. Zepher Mubingwa who also doubles the District Mosquito Nets Distribution Focal Person, acknowledged that they registered a challenge related to delivery of mosquito nets to the respective distribution centres.

According to him, other centres received excess while others received less than what they were supposed to receive in relation to the number of registered beneficiaries.

By press time, Mr. Mubingwa explained that they were planning to withdraw some centres that received in excess and redistribute them to other centres that received less, appealing to the residents to calm down.


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