Residents of Bwenanule Cell urged to process titles for their pieces of land


Authorities in Bwenanule Cell in Muhokya Town Council, Busongora County South in Kasese have appealed to the residents to process titles for their pieces of land in an attempt to prevent other people from grabbing them.

Mr. Lawrence Bwambale, the area Local Council I Chairperson says the only way to eradicate the increasing disputes over land ownership in the area is to process a title to guarantee legal ownership.

His appeal follows Tuesday’s incident in which a group of people claiming to be from Office of the Prime Minister thronged the area with an aim of accessing land in the area so that it is given to the 2020 flood victims currently encamped at Muhokya.

While addressing the press at his office, Mr. Bwambale testified having stopped the group from continuing with their work, arguing that he would first seek a legal advice from the residents’ Lawyers since a complaint over the same land was in the Courts of Law.

He also noted that his office has never signed any sale agreement indicating that the Office of the Prime Minister bought land in Bwenanule Cell.

He requested government to thoroughly investigate some land wrangles in the area and come up with a way forward. He also used the same platform to call upon the religious, cultural and political leaders to help them in their fight against what he calls land grabbers in the area.

Some of the residents in the area who preferred anonymity appealed to the district leaders to intervene in the matter so that it is solved amicably. ENDS

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