Omusinga Mumbere pledges to advocate for improved health services in Kasese


The Rwenzururu King, Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere Iremangoma has pledged to advocate for improved health services in Kasese district.

The Omusinga made the pledge yesterday while addressing a section of Town Clerks from different Town Councils across the district that had paid a courtesy visit to his Kamaiba based Royal Palace in Kasese town.

The Rwenzururu Cultural leader pledged that he would engage President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and explain to him the challenges faced by the people of Kasese as far as accessing improved health services is concerned.

According to the Omusinga, his subjects in Kasese district face a lot of challenges when seeking specialized health services from referral hospitals especially Buhinga in Fort-portal Tourism City and Mbarara in Mbarara City.

King Mumbere noted that as government proposes to construct an International Airport in Kasese, the construction of a referral hospital in the area should too be given a priority because an Airport attracts many people who need the services of a referral hospital.

Mumbere also stressed that government needs to improve the services that are being offered at the already existing health facilities.

The Omusinga told the Town Clerks that he was aware that the existing health facilities sometimes run short of drugs due to high demand from the population.

He also expressed concern over the alleged tendencies of absenteeism by some Health Workers in government health facilities.



  • Muhindo Ronald November 10, 2023

    Great work messiah radio shine forever

  • Chris November 10, 2023

    It’s a good initiative,in fact they should intensify more awareness in conjunction with ministry of health for Early routine ANC for all visits required,High risk mothers seeking close monitoring early ; as waiting mothers at health facilities in time; and seriously encourage husbands to provide appropriate care for these pregnant mothers especially who had abnormal labour deliveries (operated),high blood pressure and malaria in time.
    Secondly,adding more emphasis on preventive measures that cause childhood illnesses and seeking health care in time. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT IN HEALTH CARE/PREVENTION PLAYS A VERY BIG ROLE. For example,the local Leadership and communities surrounding/benefiting from Nyamirami HCIV,in the past years had played a big role in such engagements.To a greater extent improved Maternal and Child Health in it’s catchment area.
    These would seriously cause a great impact on health care improvement to the region.

  • Bwambale Marison November 10, 2023

    I like the words from our King

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